"Without a vision people lose hope. With every brush stroke, I want to inspire others to dream again, and create atmospheres where people can receive inspiration to unlock their passion! "

-Malaysia McClure



The Hidden place

A good friend of mine asked me to do a painting that was the first request of its kind... She asked me to paint a place that she usually goes in prayer!


This is possibly one of the most emotional paintings I have ever done. Once I received the vision I was a bit daunted with the task... After about 2 months of diligent study and painting, the result was fascinating!


These landscape paintings contain depth, divine inspiration, and invoke a state of being or feeling, i.e. joy, peace, rest, hope, or clarity, that truly moves a person’s heart to immerse their self in the painting. Even though when looking at these pieces it just seems like a nice landscape, each of these paintings have a fascinating story behind them. I invite you as well to explore the pieces and see what inspires you!


Flowers speak of life. To look at all creation and see something as simple but yet so captivating to the eye as flowers imparts to the deepest part of the soul that those flowers were put there simply to enjoy. This speaks of the heart of the Creator with His intention in creating humanity; created to enjoy, be loved and adored, and put on display for the Glory of the Creator.


These paintings have a very dreamlike twist to them which ultimately induces inspiration. Some of these paintings are actual dreams and visions I had personally. All of them come from divine inspiration of my faith and spiritual encounters with God, the creator of all things. This collection consists of elements of this natural world with a mixture of another dimension, not of this world. These paintings hold depth of a truth that is displayed throughout all creation, that ‘God loves us’. These paintings are known by some of my collectors to bring inspiration, healing to their hearts, greater pursuit of self discovery, and even spiritual awakening!


Animals in a way have the ability to speak to our hearts by the way they interact with nature. These paintings carry a message that I think can speak for its self. Many at times picture themselves figuratively as animals to depict the process they are experiencing in life. And that is what I tried to display through some of these paintings.