Meet the Artist                         

Malaysia McClure, Painter with a vision, is a self-taught artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma currently living in South Korea with her husband and her two beautiful little girls as teachers and missionaries. What makes Malaysia unique is her ability to paint visions and dreams that are on peoples’ hearts. Malaysia’s passion is to ignite passion through art and inspire individuals and businesses to dream again. She believes that without a clear vision of one's purpose, people lose heart, and her goal is to give people a tangible picture, a piece of art that catapults her collectors to pursue their dreams. (Click here to see what others are saying). Currently with collectors in Dubai, Korea, Japan, USA, and China, her paintings change atmospheres and grace homes and businesses of collectors worldwide (Click here to become a collector).


Every wall can be a gallery.”
- Malaysia McClure 

Malaysia’s style is a blend of surrealism, abstract, impressionism, wildlife and prophetic. Working mainly in acrylic paint,  she takes places and things as they are in real life, and apply a very dreamlike twist to them which ultimately induces inspiration. These paintings are known to bring inspiration, catapulting her collectors into a greater pursuit of self-discovery as it pertains to the dreams that are on their hearts.  Her paintings have been known to or even bring divine healing to the heart of our collectors, as well as confirmation to the soul on its deepest desires. Her work consist of elements of this natural world with a mixture of another dimension not of this world. With being a self taught artist, she is continually growing in her style and exploring new realms of  art medium. She is a lifelong  student of wisdom and understanding of the world around her. Follow her on this journey as she captures elements of  this world along with visions from another and makes them come to life on canvas leaving a message of hope and inspiration.  (Learn more about my style on my custom paintings page)


Mission and Purpose


          Every brush stroke carries life, a mission, and a purpose.” 
Malaysia McClure

Art is more than a expression of the artist perception of life or the world around them. Art gives life and meaning on the deepest level of a persons soul. With every brush stroke left on the canvas, a message is given. This message given bypasses the mind and speaks to the heart. Knowing this, my mission and purpose as an artist is to give people, businesses, and societies a tangible picture, a piece of art that catapults them into inspiration and pursuit of their dreams.  I strongly believe without a clear vision, a picture of one's purpose, people lose heart. Thus, through my paintings,  I want to share a message of hope as my collectors look at each detail. My hope is that they are inspired and filled with purpose each day which consistently catapults them further into their destiny. 

In addition to painting, I want to inspire people who are in fear or who have lost hope, to pursue their creative gifting and calling with courage and confidence. I hear from many people who are in the corporate world that they don't know their purpose, and have no clue what to do with their lives. They only do not know their purpose, but they have also lost passion and hope. Through Malaysia McClure Arts, my husband and I are dedicated to giving practical wisdom on how to pursue one's passion and purpose. Through events, and seminars, we will teach and empower people to pursue the passions on their heart with confidence. 

-Malaysia McClure

Artist Biography

I never thought or dreamed of being an artist. I always thought that art was just a hobby and that even though I could draw, I never saw myself as a good enough artist to pursue a career in the art world. As a young child I loved to draw and paint as any child would. However, It was my father (who passed away when I was nine) who inspired me to draw. He had a gift of drawing and introduced me to art. And after my father’s death it was my grandmother who saw this gifting and encouraged me to keep drawing. My Nana as I call her would have me paint paintings for her friends, and our family members. She would always correct me to be diligent and take my time.  At the time I didn't know, but as I look back she was stewarding the gifting inside of me.

When it came time to decide a career path in my senior year in High school, I remember clearly making the decision to give up art and pursue the medical field. This decision took me on the path of self-discovery of my identity and purpose. With the mindset as many freshmen college students, I robotic-ally focused on what would make me successful and give me a high-paying job. Throughout College I struggled to have passion for what I was studying and tried to create this made up image of myself that was not true to who or what I was created to be or do. I ended up graduating with a degree in Zoology with a minor in Sociology looking to purse a nursing career after graduation. It was at this moment when I graduated where I realized I had no passion, no real way to contribute to society. It was this moment where I, a believer in Jesus cried out to God for clarity and purpose.  (For more of my biography click here!)