If you are not familiar with my process, read ahead. Otherwise jump to the Commissions Form.


My style is a blend of surrealism, abstract, impressionism, wildlife and prophetic. I work mainly in acrylic paints. However, with being a self-taught artist, I’m continually growing in my style and exploring new realms of art medium. I love all things nature, landscapes, flowers, animals, and clouds. My favorite style to paint is surrealism where I take places and things as they are in real life, and apply a very dreamlike twist to them which ultimately induces inspiration.

Currently I have have two categories for custom paintings:

Personal Request Painting-
You as the client have a particular picture or vision in mind for the painting. Working with my style, you would let me know what you would want me to paint. If there is a particular vision or dream that you want me to paint, then this is where you would contact me with as much detail as possible explaining what you want.

Vision Painting (aka Prophetic Painting)-
You as the client allow me creative liberty to create a piece based on divine inspiration from God which would potentially translate a message that is on your heart onto canvas. These are usually paintings that carry hope, bring strength, illuminate or bring revelation to a situation, encouragement and comfort. (See examples and testimonies here!) It's a unique but challenging task for me as an artist but is a lot of fun for me and for you. If you would like to know more about this style please include that in your message below!



1. Consultation
First we would discuss what you are wanting. I am really flexible so don't hesitate on the details! Submit your dream, vision, or any elements you would like to see in your painting in the form below.

2. Getting Started
After you submit your form, I will send you a price quote and request a non-refundable deposit for the supplies in order to start. I usually complete a comission within 4-6 weeks depending on the size. If you have a time limit, please include that in the details on the form below.

3. Piece Completed!
When everything is finished, (if requested) I will send you a photo of the piece for your approval. I will then send you your final balance (minus the deposit) including shipping. After I receive your final payment, I will ship your painting to you for your enjoyment!

Let's Get Started!