A good friend of mine asked me to do a painting that was the first request of its kind and most definitely  a challenge. She asked me to paint a place that she usually goes in prayer! The description she gave me of the landscape she wanted was a bit vague, and I was a little nervous. Not to mention this was my first time painting a landscape! Instead of saying what I wanted to say, (that I am a new artist, I'm still learning and maybe a little intimidated....), I said, "sure no problem!!"

I immediately began to pray after our meeting for the vision of this place she visits. The vision wasn't clear at first, but as I started to paint on the canvas, everything just started to flow! There were of course many techniques that I had to learn along the way while painting, but overall I believe this was one of the most peaceful and rewarding paintings I have done.

My friend received this painting with tears of overwhelming joy and love. She too could not believe that this was exactly the way that she had imagined! It was rewarding for me to paint a place that someone imagines to get away with God. I too was filled with so much comfort and joy imagining myself in this painting.

Response of the Collector
"A few weeks ago now I was sitting at church and my friend Malaysia talked about wanting to start a painting business. Shortly after, she asked me for some shots of her painting and some family portraits. I asked for a painting in return. A painting I’ve wanted for years but had no idea how to get the picture in my head out onto paper. Or even with a camera. This morning at church she gave it to me and I burst out in tears. I am so so thankful I have such a true picture of my relationship with God. The painting itself was a reminder to me that God is always our home; it was a depiction of my "place" with God. It inspires me that God's creativity is more than we give Him credit for. After only a few descriptions Malaysia recreated a place I'd never been but only saw in visions. That blows my mind that God cares about me enough that she could create that." —Michelle,OKC