This is possibly one of the most emotional paintings I have ever done. The story of this painting begins with my aunt from California contacting me for a favor. She asked me to paint a painting for her friend who lost her 11 year old son by a hit and run car accident. Hearing this story I was so moved with compassion and began to ask God for a picture for this mother who lost her son. Once I received the vision I was a bit daunted with the task, as it was again one of the “firsts” for me to paint. The vision I saw was a picture of the mother holding her son’s hand against a background of beautiful clouds and butterflies all around them. Painting human hands for the first time was not easy but as I began to mix colors and learn about the structure of the human hand, I began to find it easier as it went on. After about 2 months of diligent study and painting, the result was fascinating. In fact I found that the hand I was painting was not the mother’s hand but it felt to me that I was painting the hand of Jesus.

Sending the painting was in itself a task as well. My family had many matters that arose that caused a delay in my sending the painting to the woman. Finally, when I resolved to send it, I found out from the collector that this was the BEST time to send it. Please read below for her response.

Response of the Collector
"These last few days have been unbearable. The pain so great I wanted to end it all. I cried out to God, asking why? And how could a baby so sweet and innocent and special suffer? I told my heavenly Father I needed a sign! A dream! Anything to show me he is safe. I cried God please! Today I get something in the mail I open it up to find this. The most beautiful painting I have ever seen!! The proof that my son is holding the hands of Jesus. This beautiful soul said it was a picture sent from heaven for her to paint. I have never met or spoke to her in my life! God is real! He answers and he uses complete strangers with beautiful hearts to bless us. Thank you so much Malaysia. I hope I can one day meet you." —Erin, San Bernidino 
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