"The Rose" Miracle

  Prints of this image available  here .

Prints of this image available here.

Living in another country, where it is hard to communicate heart to heart because of language barriers, I figure there must be some way to communicate a message of deeper meaning to someone. I believe art has the ability to speak to the deepest level of a human's soul. Without words, art can communicate a message of encouragement, hope, love, and peace to the heart of a person.

Through one of the English speaking classes that my husband teaches in Korea, we were introduced to a woman who has been nothing less than generous, kind and compassionate to us. Her along with her husband helped us settle in well in Korea. They would send us gifts and food for our first month adjusting into our new city here. I was so blessed by her kindness that I wanted to paint a painting for her. After getting time to know her, I knew that she loved flowers especially roses. So I thought I would paint her a rose against a vibrant sky. I was really excited for this painting because I too love flowers. While painting this I didn't know what type of rose she liked but I decided to paint a simple but vibrant red rose. After many layers of paint and trying to get the right colors and shading, I completed the piece with a sense of satisfaction. I just felt as if, simply put, "It was finished".

When the day came to give her the painting I took time to pray that this painting would be a blessing to her and it would speak to her heart. When she received it she was speechless and was so thankful for the painting. She said the kind of rose I painted for her was her favorite type of rose! That was so encouraging to me because I didn't know before hand what type of roses she liked. But it wasn't until she got home that the real miracle took place! The next day I receive a message from her that blessed me and also had me in awe and wonder. Read the response of the collector below.

Response of the Collector
"Thank you Malaysia for the painting!The rose that you painted are my favorite type of rose and are the same type of rose that I have in my house! And when I arrived home and placed the painting in my indoor rose garden, Coincidentally my roses in my house started to bloom! Thank you again for the painting!" —Mira, Busan
After thought
Receiving her message was so encouraging to me! I was amazed at how quickly God answered my prayer that the painting would speak to her heart. Not only did I paint the same rose that was in her garden without knowing it, the actual roses bloomed when the painting was placed in the room!! For her to notice that and make the connection to the painting being in the room, and the roses blooming is pretty amazing!
No matter what language barriers you are experiencing, as you express your gifts and talents, you too can bring life to someone's situation and have a lasting impact!!
“Every brush stroke carries life, a mission, and a purpose."
— Malaysia
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