These are responses of some of my collectors and admirers on how  the paintings they received inspired them and changed their atmospheres.  

These are responses of some of my collectors and admirers on how  the paintings they received inspired them and changed their atmospheres.  

“I was in awe of how detailed and beautiful the painting was!
At first the painting was in my front room but recently I moved it to my night stand in my bed room.
It reminds me every morning and throughout the day of Gods kindness and safety! I feel like God is always watching me. The eyes on the Lion make me think of how great God is.
Fabulous service was provided! Malaysia is detailed and follows the leading of Holy Spirit when she paints. Each painting is true to what God is speaking for that certain person.”
-Erin Chapman

“It is beautiful! I already knew how talented she was but she still managed to blow me away. I placed the painting in my bedroom by the door so it's the last thing I see before I leave. The painting had sentimental meaning and its s good reminder to see it before I leave each day.

It reminds me that everything in life has a purpose and when I feel like everything has crashed and burned that something beautiful is going to come from the ashes.

Malaysia is wonderful! If you are thinking about commissioning her for work... Do it! She is an amazing person and would be great to work with. She is passionate about her work and pours herself into it. You won't be disappointed!” 

   - Jessica Forehand

“When I first saw the painting, well, I cried. In a good way. My description of what I wanted was vague but she completely caught the vision. It was perfect. I was extremely pleased with the time frame it took her to complete the art. Overall this was a great experience."

"I placed the painting In my office. The painting itself was a reminder to me that God is always our home; it was a depiction of my "place" with God. So it's always a beautiful reminder that He's with me."

"It inspires me that God's creativity is more than we give Him credit for. After only a few descriptions Malaysia recreated a place I'd never been but only saw in visions. That blows my mind that God cares about me enough that she could create that!”

-          Michelle Leach

“I believe I have met a person that has a gift of seeing through God's eyes the beauty of life and testimony. Her name is Malaysia McClure. For those of you like myself that love to collect art that moves you, that touches you, her art does just that.”
 - Lesia M.

“Malaysia McClure is an incredible artist who has a passion as I have in inspiring people to go after their dreams. Check her stuff out. She is a God fearing, people loving artist with character and integrity that sets her in the top 1% of artists in my opinion where it can be very dark. She brings light into it!”

-          Chad Dandurand